Train & Place

Many people value professional courses like Training and Placement that include job placement opportunities. Courses that include training and job placement programmes are highly sought after by professionals looking for a career change as they provide an excellent opportunity to gain real-world experience while you learn about the subject you are passionate about.

Skychip is proud to provide a range of job programmes and Training and Placement Services, where we support individuals through industry-recognised training and career support, including CV and soft skills webinars, interview support, and in many cases a job placement or employment. Training courses that include job placements can often lead to excellent career opportunities for suitable candidates.

What are the advantages ?

The advantages of enrolling into a course with a job placement opportunity are clear. Often, there is no substitute for real-world experience, meaning that you can be sure that you are getting the best possible grounding in your chosen field.

Gaining a strong working knowledge of your chosen profession is one of the most valuable things you can do to show your worth to potential employers. While many people study for qualifications, relatively few can say that they have gained solid workplace experience. For this reason, taking a course with a job placement included can be an excellent way to make an impression on potential employers. It is even possible that the employer with whom you complete your work experience programme might be interested in taking you on as a permanent member of staff.